Wednesday, August 24, 2005

This Game Sucks

Welcome to Apartment Search, an exciting new piece of interactive fiction.

You must find an apartment. Go nuts!

>>> I look for an apartment.

There are ten apartments available.

>>> Look at first apartment.

2 BR in Silver Spring. 1600/month, no utilities included.

>>> That's too expensive.

I don't know what you mean. That's the median rent for the area.

>>> Look at second apartment.

1 BR w/ den. Special, 985/month, all utilities included.

>>> Yes, that's perfect!

Oh, I'm sorry, you don't have enough gold.

>>> But I have plenty of gold.

No, you need three times that much gold.

>>> But I have enough gold to pay for the apartment. I'm not trying to pay for three apartments.

I'm sorry, but you need to have three times as much gold as you need to pay for this apartment in order to pay for this apartment.

>>> That doesn't make any sense.

Yeah, but what're you gonna do?

>>> Fight the power.

You cannot fight the power.

>>> Fine. Look at third apartment.

2 BR / 2 BA, all utilities included, 800/month.

>>> Awesome. Perfect, where is it?

In SE Washington D.C.

>>> Forget it.

Bottom line, ladies and gents, is that the wife and I have finally found (relatively affordable) digs, after much frustration and hair-pulling.

My number one priority is ensuring that setting up Internet service occurs as rapidly and problem-free as possible.

Be sure to compress housewarming gifts such as furniture into a .zip file and send them using PGP encryption.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on finding a place. Playing that game really sucks. The time limit REALLY blows. They also take away far to much gold.

Again, congrats!

- Cog

marti said...

My advice for apartment hunting:

1) Use inernet ( always helps): search for apartment rental companies (some of them offer free services for apartment hunters)
2) Use google maps- to find your apartments

that's all. It looks simple, but believe in me- effective

Apartment search