Saturday, August 27, 2005

Tag, You're It

Marc Ecko's
Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure has had some good press and some bad press.

It seems that some are resistant simply because Marc Ecko is an industry outsider. Well, and he says shit like, "[the game] will be genre-defining. Revolutionary. We will put the flag in the ground of popular culture with Getting Up." Still, his blog has interesting backstory on his attempt to get a game made.

He also said, "We have the chance to finally tell the urban narrative the right way, with soul and sincerity in the real voice of our culture. We're going to shatter cliche stereotypes and create the first truly authentic urban videogame experience."

Ridiculous claims aside, I like the game concept. Readers of this blog might recall my love of games in which navigating the environment plays a key part. And the games I've played with graffiti elements have been pretty fun. Still, I'm going to maintain a cautious interest.

My beef is that I wish they'd taken a different approach toward combat, i.e., downplaying it immensely. Maybe even discouraging it. Give you just enough fight to earn some time to get away - which would only reinforce what seems to be the main game mechanic, moving through the world (or "getting up", in the lingo).

It would be nice to see the game focus on cooperating with different groups while avoiding the authorities. At the very least have certain behaviors impact negatively with the citizens you're trying to spark into revolution. Violence can earn you disrespect from some counterculture forces - and respect from others. Choosing which path to take could have many in-game consequences.

Imagine getting the cold shoulder from other underground members because of your confrontational leanings. Or the more you used violence, against authorities or citizens, the more brutal the police would be with you and your allies. Eventually they might get orders to shoot on sight (with quick and deadly results).

Maybe it's just not part of my background, or maybe I'm just losing my taste for direct conflict as I get older.

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