Friday, August 12, 2005

Desperately Seeking

Attention! Are you looking to challenge yourself to the utmost?!

Wannabe game designer in the DC area seeks like-minded, absolutely batshit-insane videogame-loving creative mad scientist-types to help create strikingly unoriginal videogame for the next shitty generation of wretched consoles.

Failure is certain. Conditions deplorable. Pay meager, if present at all. There is no hope.

I have no-know-how or experience whatsoever.

What I'm currently looking for:

Money-grubbing Whores
Someone with an empty garage
A decent job
World peace

If you have the desire to work a full-time job and then rush home only to spend hours cramped in a sweat-filled, spider-infested dungeon with a host of mental defects fueled by caffeine, dementia, a wing and a prayer, and any number of illicit, psychoactive chemicals, then you might have what it takes.

Do you want to join a team whose sole purpose is to suffer the maniacal whims of a self-proclaimed design-genius who will, once a day, shout lunatic proclamations at full volume, demanding their immediate implementation into a virtual space with no apparent rhyme or reason?

Join me or die!


Anonymous said...

I know a few people in the exact same position. Good luck.

Might I suggest long nights of drinking and pot? It seems to be the staple of this industry in order to make it.

Thank god I'm in marketing. ;)

Please don't hate me.

- Cog

n0wak said...

Sign me up!

dan.lucas said...

I may be a little late to the party but I would like to apply for the position of crony. While I have no hands on experience with the position, I have been subjected to the whims of know-nothing cronies for several years now. I'm sure I can do it in a pinch.

Do you offer dental?