Monday, August 15, 2005

Puff Puff Pass

I've been considering
writing up a list in the vein of the "You might be a redneck . . ." jokes.

The concept is:

"Videogames might be considered art if . . . "

Anyone want to bite?

I'll start.

. . . developers start wearing turtlenecks and berets and affecting bad French accents.

. . . my copy of GTA gets covered in paint by Andy Warhol.

Yeah, they're almost as funny as the redneck jokes. *Sigh*

Also, a good friend of mine is busy up in NYC realizing his dream. Giving him a shout out, props, widgets, whatever I might have in my pockets. Awesome, bro.


Anonymous said...

they could be sold on street corners by the people who make them

we have a wine and video game festival in every upper-class area in California

we could use them as greeting cards

people hear you have a game design degree and say, "What do you with that?"

we could make a game called SEX and not have anyone but the US government complain about it (and FOX)

people realize there's more than Madden

one man can make them in a studio apartment

That's all I have. I hope it's at least clever. Love the site.


dan.lucas said...

... we get elitist fans. To the point where anything recent made inside the US or Japan is automatically crap.