Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dawn of New Age

So Dragon Age is really, really good.

But I've run into my first major gripe and it has nothing at all to do with gameplay.

EA uses authentication servers to validate your DLC. Which means that you must be logged in to play on a game with DLC active. Which means that if your save happens to have DLC content in it, then you can't play if you can't log in.

The problem is that the game says I'm logged in. I've even logged out and back in again, several times. Yet it still refuses to register the connection and won't let me play. I will repeat that: I cannot currently play a game that I spent seventy dollars on because of a server issue.

I'd say that this sort of problem is a herald of the future, but it's more like an annoyance of the present. Every company likes this sort of solution to their perceived problems. The downside is that they've apparently released a product that can suddenly not work.

In ten years will anyone be able to play a game from this generation?