Monday, August 22, 2005

Join the Movement


Be aware of a new group. Current affiliates: Me.

The name?

G.A.J.E.T.: Gamers Against Jack "Eff-ing" Thompson.

For your consumption, an absolutely awful ID card whipped up in Paint. If anyone would like to become a member, well . . . go nuts. Maybe if someone has some experience making graphics that don't suck they can put up some kind of spiffy template.

The only stipulation is that the Agent Numbers be in binary. Simple enough.


Again, from Robert Anton Wilson:

"The strange people who have already started looking for Satanism in school books, Rock lyrics, Dungeon-and-dragon games etc. will really wig out when they start to feel the multi-media and Virtual Reality revolutions. The right wing will have nightmares in the late '90s that will make the 62 Satanism panics of 1982-1993 seem sedate by comparison."

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