Thursday, June 09, 2005

Please Stop This, Whoever You Are

Post seen in just about every bulletin board on the Internet:

Hey guyz!

I am making a MMORPG with me and my friends and we need some help with making a MMORPG. Where would you start and what kind of knowledge do you need? I have no experience making games or playing games or thinking rationally.

People/things I need:
C++ Programmers
Internet Programmers
3d modelers
Level designers
Sound fx guys
Project Manager
Several million dollars in startup costs
A clue

So what do you think? Possible? Please don't bother responding, as I'll just ignore anything you say and in fact won't even mention an MMORPG ever again, not because I realize how completely daft my idea is, but because I've gone after some other loony notion like a puppy bounding after a butterfly.

-Teh l33t newbtard

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