Friday, June 03, 2005

Good Ol' Language

It's been bandied about
quite a bit that video games need a critical language.

Common terms need to be well-defined and easily-understood so they can be used in examining the art & science of making games.

A body of work gets built up that provides a foundation. This is important for two reasons: to help new game-makers branch out with creative forms of gameplay and to prevent the continual re-formulation of the basic methods of creating games.

By clarifying terms, we allow game designers to communicate with each other on level ground. And by evaluating past failures and successes we create an important history.

All of that being said
(and it's all my own opinion), some words of warning.

Creating a critical language for video games is going to lead to some pretty devastating arguments. People will get upset. Theories will be put forward and derided. Many dissenting voices will be heard. There may never be a true consensus. Some people (and I could probably do this if I tried) may argue that it isn't even necessary.

That's what we have to look forward to.

The usual way of things, actually.

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