Monday, June 27, 2005

Do I Smell a Trend?

I like to try to avoid making any sort of predictions for the gaming industry.

But after spending more time on Boiling Point: Road to Hell (note: I've become addicted to this stupid game. The bugs and out-and-out poor design elements are glaring, heinous and immersion-killing. The things they got right are compelling and brilliant. Truly this game was conceived by a split-personality mad genius, half-incompetent, half-spectacular.) and then browsing around and finding this game, Pirates of the XXI century, and completely flashing back to my experiences in Far Cry, I'd like to go ahead and guess at the newest genre ripe for overuse.

And that genre is:

Tropical-themed shooters/hybrid-shooters that are big on the jungle-trekking and offer a slightly greater amount of strategy in their mindless mayhem.

Seriously, though,
that Pirates game looks very good - and apparently their engine is based on Open Scene Graph. Sweet deal.

If I'm wrong about the whole telling-the-future deal, then I wholeheartedly encourage people to write in proclaiming my shoddy scrying powers.

Just know that I'm actively trying to fulfill my own prophecy by developing Ultimate Feces Thrower, the game in which you are a monkey in the jungles of some tropical region (Borneo, maybe) and your goal is to tag tourists, wildlife marshals and, ultimately, poachers with your own excrement. Swing from tree to tree in a wide-open jungle of repeating foliage 8,000 km square! Do it with another monkey! Watch as the seasons change from all-the-way-sunny-time to not-so-sunny-time! Maybe see some weather! Uh, swim, monkey, swim!

Fuck. That's really a brilliant idea.

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Anonymous said...

Jagged Alliance 2. It was truely ahead of it's time with the jungle/gun theme. Also I suppose Turok, but surely that game exists OUT OF TIME!