Thursday, June 09, 2005

A Dose Of Top Five

Top Five Gaming-Related Patents I'd Like to Possess

5. An electronic means of allowing "gamers" to "score points" in reaction to in-game tasks, with different tasks doling out a pre-configured amount of said points. Points will be number-based, utilizing any possible number systems, including imaginary and hypothetical maths.

4. The use of any type of anthropomorphized animal "mascot" in a video game and subsequent related media works, including literature, advertising and television shows.

3. The use of a splash screen; The words "splash screen" refer to any initial screen displayed by interactive software, usually containing a logo, version information, author credits and/or a copyright notice.

2. A method in which the environment representation within a video game is projected as though through the eyes of an avatar, sometimes known as a "first-person perspective".

And the number one patent is . . .

1. A system whereby the user (aka "Player") presses a button on some kind of input device [Including, for the purposes of this patent, controllers, joysticks, computer mice, keyboards, touch screens and any derived system which might present a button or buttons to a user. See pgs 34-129 for the definition of button(s)] in order to enact some sort of reaction from programmed software of any type.

*These patents, so far as I know, do not currently exist. But just you wait. And, please, nobody write in claiming that some of these would better fall under copyright law.

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