Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Just A Warning

To my 20-or-so daily readers (most of whom are probably friends or lost . . . or both):

Updates will be much more sporadic.

Problems procuring employment/housing.

Thus difficulty establishing/rooting-out suitable internet connection.

Will write what I can, when I can. For those that might care.

Apologies for whatever inconvenience this could conceivably cause (shortage of daily fifth-tier blog intake? not enough videogame-related, profanity-ridden analysis in life? you live on the sweet, sweet juices of words which you suck out with your eyes, victim of a neverending hunger?).

Best of luck to all of you.


andrew stern said...

alright... don't take too long...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous says, write when you can, my favorites list needs you!