Monday, February 06, 2006


Another successful Carnival. There's almost no way a Carnival could not be termed a "success." So long as one is posted it fulfills its obligation. Sweet deal.

It was certainly nice to see my hits rocket up. Maybe I've picked up a few now-and-then readers as well.

But I'd like to register a complaint. Where were the trolls? Almost 1,000 hits and nobody stops to leave a scathing, "wut a fag" or a well-reasoned and acerbic, "e/n poster, stoopid fanboy, san andreas sucks."

I'm so disappointed. Even the comments on slashdot's site were tame. They discussed the content of the articles and sometimes even posted "sane and rational" arguments of their own. What a madhouse!

My faith in the ability of the Internet to spark people into hair-trigger diatribes has been thoroughly shaken.
This may take some getting used to.

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Corvus said...

Boo. This post is teh suxx0r!

Well... somebody had to do it.