Monday, February 27, 2006

Graf, Tag and Toys

My Interior Monologue

Concerning the game Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure Could This Title Be Any Longer?

Decent intro. From this point forward, all games need to license decent face morphing technology -- it's damn creepy when jaws move like they're on hinges, all marionette-style.

Nice big 3rd-person character. Hints of The Warriors. Okay, very similar. Almost too similar. I'm getting dizzy from the deja vu.

The graffiti system is both simple and annoying. The motions don't feel natural.

You should be able to work into an easy rhythm, but the animations are far too stilted. Also, you have to be in the exact right spot in order to begin a tag or else you get the dreaded "I can't do that" (or some variation thereof) voice.

The combat system is merely adequate. The roll dodging is great fun, almost reminds me of capoeira (Only the Strong, anyone?).

But really -- you're there to block, then attack, then block, then attack. Unless your enemy uses an unblockable attack which, if you didn't see it coming, will hit you no matter what. Plenty of health drinks scattered around, though, which is convenient.

Good branding, if you like that kind of shit. Which I don't.

There are iPods scattered around that unlock the soundtrack. Also, some brand of camera with which you take pics of tags for your black book (shows how well the marketing worked, I can't even remember the brand of the camera).

I suppose the branding fits with Ecko's shit, since he's all about the brand, but the few taggers I've met would deface his stuff just as much as the next corporate whore's, so make of it what you will.

The mission structure is linear. And hand-holding. Seriously, I know the moves already. I understand. Thank you. You've been way more than helpful.

I hate playing a game like this, where you know they've squandered the promise of their concept and you're coming up with improvements in your head a thousand-a-minute. It's not that the game is bad, there are fun elements, it's just that the play isn't as fluid or playful as it should be. And there is far too much combat. It should be about avoiding combat, avoiding getting caught or cuffed. Maybe that comes into play later.

Okay, I've turned the game off. It's a renter, for sure. That's the final verdict.

I really wanted to see a game more focused on navigation. Lots of prime tagging spots, points to rack up, maybe even defenses to breach.

I wanted a game more parkour than rumble.

**Le sigh**

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