Sunday, February 26, 2006

General Malarkey

Went and saw
Night Watch (Nochnoi Dozor) last night.

There was a lot to like and not too much to dislike. Which means I'll definitely be there for the sequels, should they come to the States.

I was impressed with the vibe of the film. The magic isn't wand-waves and clean white lights, it's bloody and gritty and messy and dangerous. It felt very similar to the novel Bad Magic.

The bad things: a little too long because of multiple flashbacks; the end felt a little anti-climactic (even though it is part of a trilogy); there was a very stupid videogame plot device.

Anyway, recommended (my sentences are clipped and possibly incomprehensible at times -- this is due to muscle relaxer, or such will be my excuse).

I was almost entirely certain that Night Watch would be snagged for a videogame license and, sure enough, a game is nearly finished. Hate to say, but it looks interesting. Good for them.

Link dumps:

Roma Victor
. An MMO that looks to get by on donations. Supposedly they have something almost entirely ready for release. May be an interesting take. I'm quite interested in moving away from the usual swords-and-sorcery hackfests.

In fact, there is something seductive in using MMOs as ways to play through parts of history -- and there are plenty of rich sources to mine for gaming ideas. Plus, maybe kids would learn something. Pfft, probably not.

Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising
. Wait, what? Another Roman-themed MMO? If their promise of being able to control a whole team pans out, could be a must-try.

Too bad Imperator got postponed.

And if you want to a glimpse into how not to make an MMO, check out this anonymous interview concerning Age of Mourning.

That is all.

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