Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Is this
blog still here? Man.

This isn't going to be an announcement for some kind of hiatus. Every time I say I'm taking a break I end up doing a post about a week later, which makes me look like a liar.

But I do have finals coming up, which means 1) completing a game and documentation and 2) memorizing a bunch of scales, triads, and inversions.

I also dropped WoW because, just as it became a habit to play, it became a habit not to play.

Which doesn't mean I've gained any time, because I also got some new toys:

1. A DS Lite - Puzzle Quest combines the addictiveness of Bejeweled with the addictiveness of RPGs; you may as well just soak your brain in opiates.

2. A Casio Digital Piano - 88-key and weighted. I've always wanted to learn, and it makes learning theory easier.

3. A Wii - Just found it today. Best Buy had five in stock at the Customer Service desk. Did a few rounds of Tennis and Bowling and loved it. Picked up Zelda and hoping there won't be a Water Temple moment for me in it. Will also give the online service a shot - there should be some classic games that will interest the wife.

In addition I've set a goal to complete a second draft of the first novel this year - quite a timeline, but this thing has been 90 percent written for six years.

The greatest band in the world is also meeting for the first time on Saturday. Five people, two of which actually play instruments. They will tremble at our thunder.

Hope everyone else's schedule is as chockful as mine.

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