Friday, April 13, 2007

Let's Not Be So Negative

"But Shimon Gibson, who was part of the team that excavated the tomb two and half decades ago and who appeared in the film, is quoted in Pfann's report as saying he doubted the site was the tomb of Jesus and his family."

I think the funniest thing about the "Lost Tomb of Jesus" is that it really is the tomb of Jesus.

Just not the Jesus they were looking for.

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Chris said...

Well, the tomb of Yashua, which happened to be Jesus' name. But there's only one Yashua people call Jesus. ;)

I don't see why this couldn't be Famous Jesus' tomb. We know he had a "special relationship" with Mary Magdelene. *shrugs*

History and religion mix about as well as religion and science. Fun cocktails though... :D