Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Prototype Problems

If anyone would care to play
around with my game prototype and clue me in as to why an object that is collided with from the top will sometimes pop through the floor? This can also occur when two or more objects are being pushed by the main character - as they bounce one will just 'foop' and be gone.

I've tried all sorts of tricks with gravity, vspeed, move_contact_solid, etc.

So try it out if you wish. I will provide a link to an .exe and, if you don't trust that, one to a .gmk. You should be able to execute the .gmk from an unregistered version of GM7, you just won't be able to access some of the functionality. If you do this, wherever you see a blank action is where I used custom libraries, either a kinetic bounce or a treat as solid.

The graphics are temped in from the original Gamemaker resource packs. It is my understanding that these are free to use.

The controls are the arrow keys (left moves left, right moves right, up jumps, down does nothing). If you press the spacebar you will shoot out a beam that, when the spacebar is released, will push the movable objects away. This is also an error - I've been trying to get it so that the pushing occurs until the object is free from the beam's collision, but I think it's having trouble - I probably have a set vspeed to 0 for all objects in one of my collision events.

Anyway, here it is, help is not expected but would be appreciated. I've thrown up questions twice on the Gamemaker forums and gotten some views but no replies.

Link to .exe file.

Link to .gmk file.

And once again I found myself saying, "Rigid body physics can't be too hard, dammit!" only to walk away frustrated hours later.

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