Saturday, December 16, 2006

Ubi or Not Ubi

And as a small follow-up, what did Ubisoft do that makes it so darn special?

Here's a listing of Ubisoft games.

Lots of Tom Clancy sequels ad nauseam. Prince of Persia, which was excellent, but spawned a meandering sequel and a solid third game - cashing in, or supporting a popular title? Devil May Cry, a series which I found execrable control-wise, story-wise, difficulty-wise but nevertheless, again, maintains popularity amongst hardcore gamers.

Brothers in Arms, a well-produced World War II shooter - that's a novel genre. King Kong, which was beautiful but still a beat-em-up mixed with an FPS (not to mention its major flaw). The Myst series. Movie tie-in games for Star Wars: Episode III and Rocky and Charlie's Angels. Lots of Disney games.

For every Beyond Good & Evil Ubisoft puts out 10 decent sequels and 20 games of no import whatsoever. Rayman seems to be almost the entire reason for Ubisoft's goodwill - if I'm missing something, please let me know.

Postscript: I'm looking and looking, trying hard to find the magic. Grandia II was pretty good, played that on Dreamcast. Pool of Radiance? Even now I remember this one, not because I played it, but because it was released in a horribly broken state. Is it Will Rock, a serviceable Serious Sam ripoff? I know for a fact it's not Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu. Eh, I'll keep looking.

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Anonymous said...

I was surprised to see how few titles of theirs I cared for and a couple of older titles I thought were their's, aren't.

So, I guess my respect for them pretty is pretty much pretty much due to BG&E. At one point they were going to publish Psychonauts, but they dropped that. Hm...

And I'll have a posted response to your previous post tomorrow!