Saturday, December 30, 2006

Fun With DRM


New sound system.

Digital cable.

New DVD burner/VHS.

A hi-def version of the movie "Airborne" on the DVR.

Sorry, but this movie contains DRM that will prevent the DVD burner from properly copying it.

So, let me understand this:

I pay for cable. I pay for the equipment. I can record thousands of shows and movies and put them onto VHS. I can back up my old VHS tapes onto DVD. I can rip music and DVDs onto my computer and then burn copies to play in my DVD player.

But I can't record directly onto DVD a movie that doesn't even have a Region 1 DVD release?

A movie from 1993.

This is progress? Paying for crippled equipment?

I suppose it is progress to the manufacturers.

I'm really gonna stay awake at night wondering why so many people visit torrent sites.

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