Monday, December 18, 2006

This Sword is Broken

I played
Broken Sword: Angel of Death.

It made me remember everything I hate about adventure games.

Just check out the walkthrough. Even with the walkthrough's help I hit a brick wall when I got to the hotel. I talked to the guy in the chair, through all of his boring, stupid, stilted dialogue and apparently wasn't doing the one little thing I needed to progress.

The first level was just ridiculous. At one point you run into some live wires. Now, if you haven't yet gotten your companion across a chasm (keep in mind she only needs to come down one level, so why she can't hang off the ledge and have you lower her down, I have no idea) when you run across the wires, then when you do rescue her then she'll have no idea why you ask her to hold down a breaker switch that turns off the live wires.

Yes, it's that stupid. So you have to go back to the wires, try to run into them until it tells you that they're live and you're an idiot, then run back up and have Anna hold the breaker (when you select her it won't allow you to actually control her, so if you want her to do anything you need to be on the same screen).

Really, just unforgivable. I think I'll buy the new Sam & Max game as a palate cleanser.

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Duncan said...

It's sad to hear that the fourth Broken Sword game has fallen so far. The first one was both an excellent piece of writing and a joy to play.

Sam & Max, on the other hand is pure surrealist hilarity :-D