Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bury Him on a Garbage Scow

Want to see
a bunch of wankers fellate the corpse of a mass-murdering thug?

I'm pretty sure you don't, but just in case: National Review Celebrates a Despot.

Props to Thor Halvorssen, whose response seems horribly out of place amongst the laudatory and the laudatory with small nods toward the messier points of despotism.

And to all those conservatives and libertarians who talk about the miracle of Chile's economy under Pinochet, repeat after me: I do believe in fairies, I do!


Patrick said...

You know what? This probably has something to do with game design.

Johnny Pi said...

I take the holistic approach to game design. Everything is relevant, even the deaths of murderous dictators.

Be sure to look for my new game, Chile Tycoon, where you have to seize and privatize state assets, punish political opponents, manage death squads and stay on the good side of Jeanne Kirkpatrick (there was a good side?).