Sunday, August 20, 2006


Two oldies and a rebirth.

Mafia - Horrible game. Starts with a frustrating getaway mission in a clunker of a car. Then you're forced to do a certain number of taxi missions before the game proper begins - taxi missions in which you must follow traffic laws and guess where exactly the passenger wishes to disembark.

Vice City - Always good. PC controls aren't as good as a control pad, though. Helicopter controls are impossible. One of the best examples of keeping a coherent theme with mixed gametypes. Aiming is much better with the mouse.

A Tale in the Desert III - Pretty much the same concept as its previous iterations. Imagine being a worker unit in an RTS, now remove all combat units and set it in a fictional ancient Egypt. You collect resources, raise crops, make bricks, improve your skills, build structures and when the 24 hour trial runs out, wait for the fourth iteration.

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