Thursday, August 31, 2006

Gone and Back

Blogs are just like
diaries - that can suddenly disappear without any warning or explanation.

This site was gone for about a day. Some of you may have noticed. I certainly did. No amount of re-publishing would resurrect my words.

Please let them make a way to backup all posts. It would help to have an autoarchive tool on the desktop that would sync with the browser.

I downloaded Microsoft's XNA Game whatever. Haven't really had a chance to look at it in depth, but just know that it's C# with some help. If you use the game templates it will set up your update and render loops, etc., but you're still expected to, like, know what you're doing. As if.

It looks like there may be some good tutorials, though, including videos - so if I feel the urge I may throw my body against the programming wall again.

Also, the Left Behind: Eternal Forces demo is out. My opinion later.

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