Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Google Acquires Earth's Entire Landmass

Oceans To Follow

Apparently back in '03 or so, Google bought Pyra Labs, the people in charge of Blogger. Weird.

I had no idea - there are gaps in my life where I would usually have retained some small bit of trivia. When I investigate these . . . I'm not sure there's a word for feeling that you should have a bit of knowledge that's lacking . . . well, whatever the term, I always find that my time in the Marine Corps made me unaware in a general sense. There are still tenuous connections to popular culture, but stress and constant work and social isolation and the dreadful foreboding that you may be placed into terrible situations blocks out so much.*

Anyway, I mention the Google thing because I went ahead and upgraded to the new Blogger beta and it has to link to a Google account. Not that there are too many people likely to use Blogger lacking a Google account.

I'm rambling. Blogger beta looks promising. As does Writely, though I'll probably stick with OpenOffice at the moment. I can envision savvy editors and novelists hacking out changes in a few hours that might have taken a few weeks by post and/or phone. I'll have to enlist someone to try the simultaneous editing capability.

Also, last week Garry's Mod migrated over to a new address in anticipation of the upcoming (when it's done) release of GMod 10. There are some great videos showing the wild sandbox mode and a few of the contraptions you can rapidly prototype. It's a great way to show off fast content-creation tools - eventually I'd like to see a full-fledged mod-maker with the same ease-of-use.

*This is on my mind especially in light of the news that the Marine Corps is having to tap into its IRR program because the Active Duty and Active Reservists are all used up. Oh, and that they don't have enough money to keep their equipment in shape, which was pretty much common knowledge to me at least four years ago - that they are admitting it in the papers means the Corps is completely fucked. Way to go, Rumsfeld!

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