Monday, August 28, 2006


Moved this weekend
. Managed to load, unload and return the truck on Saturday. Now we're just doing the usual sorting/nesting processes. As is apparently typical, Comcast has been pretty terrible thus far, but the only other option is the Dish. Meh.

The Just Cause demo was awful. The controls were impossible - the turn speed was jacked way up, drawing weapons was delayed, lack of autotarget . . . there was a very high frustration : fun ratio.

A link via Warren Ellis, on Hyperglyphic Media. Some quick thoughts:
-Wouldn't a good essay on such a topic be written in hyperglyphs?
-Isn't the author essentially describing Chinese?
-Most of the Okinawans I met weren't even minimally fluent in Kanji, which requires knowledge of approximately 5,000 characters. What would be the motivation for anyone to learn a book of hyperglyphs (other than intellectual curiosity), especially if they aren't universally adopted?
-The thing about the Tarot is that the cards can pretty much mean anything at all - they're effectively Rorschach blots with recognizable features.

My wife is looking forward to the color DS Lites dropping on September 13. I believe she'll go for the pink one. I plan on getting one for myself, if only for Animal Crossing.

That is all.

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Thomas said...

No, he's not talking about Chinese, although he might think that he is. He's just read Snow Crash a few too many times. But frankly, after he claims that "comics are the glue that maintains our social reality," I kinda figured that might be the case.

Still you're right that most Japanese don't learn quite so much hanzi. And even for Mandarin, there's a movement to eliminate the characters--see