Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Atrocious and Unwieldy

Is it just me
, or does Gamespot's layout get a little worse every day?

They certainly present intense layouts that grab your eyeballs with tiny grasping fists. Their current Black & White 2 skin on the PC menu looks great.

But I can't find shit. It's a morass of menus and crazy clickable icons. Somehow my login ID is at level 5 (35%) -- but I have no fucking clue what that could possibly mean!

Just . . . mindboggling. I see that they're trying to cover all the bases by having lots of content headings, but do they have anybody at all testing the ease-of-use of their site?

I think it may send me into seizures.

Grand mal, at that.

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dan.lucas said...

Things like this always make me wonder who is making the design the decisions. Web developers or some sort of manager. I constantly run into customers who only care about making things flashy and will not defer to me or my team's expertise in making a site usable. The just figure we're lazy or bad designers when we try to explain why something needs to remain simple.


Which is why I want to get out of the business...