Saturday, March 05, 2005

Now It's Time for a Scapegoat

Let's just
ban all media.

At least that might get rid of Howard Stern.

Lawmakers should totally look toward the old Comics Code for help in combating the evils of video games. This would be the perfect way to completely cripple any sort of artistic expression in interactive media.

But we'd still have Tetris. As long as the pieces weren't placed in suggestive positions.

After all, isn't art so much more enjoyable when it is rendered completely devoid of anything that might possibly shock or entertain or produce emotion whatsoever?

Did anybody, anybody at all, ever learn about the idea of sublimation? Sure, it came from Freud so it's probably not politically correct, but it's not a bad idea.

Basically what it says is that humans can refocus their psychic energy from negative outlets to more positive, socially acceptable outlets.

In other words, when I feel like putting my fist through someone's head, I can fire up Grand Theft Auto and cause some virtual mayhem and actually feel better. Rather than being the catalyst, it is the release.

In fact, there's a good chance that a large portion of artistic expression is the result of some kind of sublimative process. Horror writers take the terrors from their heads and put them onto the page. Singers often turn disappointment or helplessness into a beautiful song. Sublimation can be as simple as a person turning their anger on a sack of potatoes.

Did the potatoes make him do it?

The best (that is, worst) thing about lawmakers and fascists screaming for censoring or banning video games is this: They will set our country on a level with the Nazis, who burned books they saw as corrupting, the Khmer Rouge, who killed educators because, well, they educated people, and the Soviet Union, that wouldn't allow their newspapers to print truth because they had to 'protect' the people.

Don't think for a second that this is overinflating the issue. There are people out there screaming for out and out banning of all but the most neutered games.

And they are slowly gaining influence.

To close, here are three things that I absolutely cannot stand:
1. Moral fucking fascists, or fascists of any type
2. Lazy fucking parents
3. Stupid fucking kids that have no concept of responsibility

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