Friday, March 11, 2005

Learning Things

Educational games
diminish both gaming and education.

That being said . . .

Media Release for "Wicked Chemist"

The newest game from Erewhon Productions promises to break exciting new ground in the field of edutainment! Taking on the role of young Bobby Boyle, a boy who's discovered he has the power of atom manipulation, players manipulate elements to form new compounds to solve chemical puzzles.

The game offers a deep and intuitive help system, offering as much or as little as the player requires.

Explore different types of chemical bonds and how they interact to form new compounds through adding or subtracting elements. Collect single elements and use your collection to generate useful compounds, then manipulate them further to form necessary items. Agitate or slow down compounds to change their state. Build up crystalline structures to add stability to your creations. You could join the push to make brand new elements. Perhaps even explore organic molecules in a quest to create life.

A Gameplay Example:
Bobby comes upon a door blocked by a huge vat of water balanced on a scale. There is a plug of iron in the side of the vat. Using his power, the player could either superagitate the iron molecules to turn it molten, thus draining the vat, or agitate the water itself to turn it to steam and boil it away. Or maybe weaken the structure of the ceiling above the scale's empty side, dumping enough rubble to life the vat.

Thus ends the false advertisement.

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