Sunday, March 27, 2005

Break it Down

What, to me
, are some necessary aspects of games?

After all, many definitions have been offered over the years. They talk about the interactive nature of games, the competitive aspect, the critical thinking involved. They cover social aspects and psychological influences.

But I look for fun.

Games try to be fun.

That means they don't always succeed. One person's fun is another person's coma-inducing boredom.

When people are not taking things as seriously as we think they should, we say "This isn't a game." In other words, this shouldn't be fun.

Sometimes things can resemble games and just happen to be fun. This does not make them games.

Games are designed; They are designed to be fun.

A conversation is not designed. Unless you write a script.

So is acting a game?

There are games that involve acting. If you give people parameters and then let them create a scene -- improv is a game. At least to me.

If I memorize a scene and act it out - that's acting. The entire thing is directed. This, to me, is not a game.

Games are designed to be fun; They are designed to offer choices.

Life is full of challenges; But not all life's challenges are fun - in fact, many of them are not.

Games become interesting when they contain interesting challenges.

So a game should be designed to offer choices, be fun and present interesting challenges.

End screed.

No, wait. Go ahead and throw some violence in there. That always helps.

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