Saturday, March 26, 2005

How're things?

My quickest
update to date.

Transitioning from military life is a difficult, frustrating, monstrous activity; It's like trying to beat Ninja Gaiden.

Especially once I realized that I'm an unskilled laborer who wishes to work in the gaming industry and actually make enough money to support myself and my wife.

With no college education.

I wonder if Donkey Kong can give me a recommendation in exchange for a handjob.

Or I can beg for money to go to school. And beg. And beg.

Being a white male really sucks when it comes to scholarships. Wizard needs college money bad.

My problem is every job I've ever had has been like Bowser's castle. I make the tricky jumps, bop the turtles, dodge the fireballs and I get to where I think I've accomplished something and then:

We're sorry, but your job satisfaction is in another castle.

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