Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Translation to the Losing In

Thus far, this has been
the most interesting post I've found on the WoW Priest forums:

0. Priests is underpowered is wrong 01/29/2007 01:31:15 AM UTC

It makes in the blizzard, underpowered there was a thing which you were wrong and do to be, it requires the justice of the kind which should cope, is and for example thing you almost preconception (, holiness, the wood of the disk and the shadow it is less, "useles" the competent priest of the holy wood which is made those being to fail) as for wooden everything 3 - with theory... uselessness, is not wipe of invasion very to. With respect to appearance, in addition you insist that it cannot agree to that of the shaman, the druid teaching priest or the loyal retainer of chivalry who are class of first next remedy (very with the acquisition of scenario of circumstance)


The thread ends up being quite amusing, if only because the fellow who posted this doggerel, an Undead Priest named Attrition, writes several more posts in this vein and the other posters mostly just re-post his gobbledygook. The cumulative effect is laugh-inducing. Try saying it several times, each time getting more insistent.

The best response I saw was:

It puts the lotion in the basket.

That was from Drakex.

The weirdest thing is that I can actually make sense of Attrition's demand for a Priest pet:

So I respected holy in to order you help people run the new instances. Until I have been shadow up now. Alone It SUCKS in grinding. What tok me 5 you draft before now takes me 10 and if I pull lives than 2 mobs who ploughs GREEN you me I have you completely refresh my flows to after the battle. Three mobs and its running away AGAIN and hoping I don't die. I can lay down 4000+ heals but what am I going you of the heal the to monster you death? Holy is the worst build I have to ever seen will be grinding. So here is y suggestion: Give holy priests void to walker. The yellow/white void to walker call it light to bringer or something. Just something you hold agro to other than US so we can wand the creature you death and not be out of flows every two mobs. That to water gets costly and drinking is OH SO MUCH FUN you of the a thousand teamses day.

Tell it, brother. Tell it.

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