Friday, January 05, 2007

Super, Thanks For Asking

I'm definitely with

The Slamdance game entries are spot on when it comes to highlighting creative titles. That Super Columbine Massacre RPG is not on the list is a travesty.

It's all over the Internets, so you can track down little details here and there.

My opinion of the game itself is appreciative, even though it wasn't great as a game. It was an artistic endeavor, done for the experiment itself.

One of the ways I judge movies is by how much discussion they provoke, both favorable and critical, and how long the movie can sustain those discussions. This was a game that had that same effect, with people offering yeas and nays back-and-forth - and it's still possible to see those conversations crop up from time to time (like, say, now). I'm not just referring to the like/dislike scale, but to the examination of meaning.

Which is something that doesn't occur in reference to, oh, Halo.

We need more games that give us stuff to really talk about instead of just talk shop.

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