Friday, January 26, 2007

Just Stop

Because it needs to be said
again and again and again:

Just stop. Stop. Stop putting DRM on media and inside media players. It doesn't do what it's supposed to do. It gets cracked every single time. You are throwing money away. You are alienating customers. You will lose customers and piss off the ones you keep. It's not worth saving 1% on the backend while losing 10% on the frontend. You cannot keep up with the savant hackers who can crack whatever you throw at them in a matter of days. You are introducing countless unintended consequences. You are impacting things that actually matter: doctors who can't afford false positives from a bogus certification scheme, charities using outdated software having their systems bricked, libraries unable to archive material properly. DRM is a cancer. Stop.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what this post is about as it seems that some component of my internet connection isn't fully compliant with the new Web5.0 DRM which Blogger is using to ensure I'm locked into some crazy hardware upgrade cycle. I'd call my ISP about upgrading, but my cell phone provider won't let me call 800 numbers until I upgrade my phone to some new ultra-thin $300 model. I'd swithc providers, but even if I found one that supported my current phone, I can't actually transfer it to a new service without SIP tech, which of course we don't have here in the states either. You'd almost think someone was running a racket. Good thing these same companies spend millions in advertising so I know how much they care about me, the consumer.

Anyway all that comes through unscrambled from your post is, "put alien piss on the backend hacker" Surely that can't be what you wrote?!

P.S. Thought about you this morning when I fired up Burning Crusade under Linux. I don't know how much time I'll have this weekend, but I'll try and roll up something on Fenris when I get a moment.

Chris said...

Amen, Brother! Testify! :)

The more companies try to impose a model of ownership that is not equitable, the more justified I will feel in acquiring media without their permission.

If they don't want to respect my property right, well, I have a simple solution to that. ;)