Thursday, May 11, 2006

SiN: Episodic Content Strikes Out

I was pretty excited about the Sin release. I was hoping they would veer away from the outright run-and-gun of HL2 and add in more walking around, interacting with characters and exploring the environment.


Anyway, this review right here is quite possibly the perfect review.

Whatever algorithm they use to determine the difficulty is a piece of shit. You'd think it would take note of a player dying fifteen times in a row at the same exact spot and 1) crank down the enemies' damage and 2) not spawn twenty of them. There is absolutely no way someone played this game and felt it had any kind of balance.

I never played the first SiN and this game is so uninteresting that I probably won't. I was excited to get any little scrap of story but nothing ever coalesced. Who am I? Someone referred to me as "the cops," so am I some kind of law enforcement officer? Why is the city cordoned off? What does SinTek ostensibly do? Maybe they wanted to keep the first episode hazy to keep you going. The developers leapt right over the line separating hazy from incomprehensible.

Also, how could Ritual think that giving a major character giant breasts and drawing attention to them every time she appears is in any way interesting? Is it 1997 again? I'm juvenile, but not that juvenile. Maybe they were envious of DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball.

I knew I should've gone for Space Empires Deluxe IV.

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Russ said...

Thanks for the link.

I'm still scratching my head trying to figure out what in the world Ritual was thinking. I also like the other points you brought up and agree with the juvenile character design.