Sunday, May 28, 2006

Right, Yer Bloody Well Right

Someone had mentioned
that Right On Games was blogging again and I kind of put that info on the back burner.

I'm actually glad to see Right On again, despite my distaste for the mind-numbing amount of heavy-handed authoritarian moralizing contained in every post. Still, disparate voices can lead to some great discussions.

And, barring that, there's always glib mockery.

Like check out this, in a post about how stupid lefty gamers opposed to nuking Iran would have totally nuked Iran in Civilization by this point, so based on that rational assessment we should totally nuke Iran:

"The videogame community is one big nest of Bush-hating liberals who, in any other situation, would hand out flowers and sing "Kum Ba Yah". (Just read the off-topic section of any videogame forum and get your fill of Bush-bashing.) Yet when it comes to dealing with rogue states in a videogame like Civilization those same players would step in front of a virtual President Bush just to press the big red button first."

Awesome. Is this parody?

For the record, it's true that I can't stand Bush. He's an incurious, incompetent, inconsequential fuckface whose only contribution to history will be as the worst example possible.

But I fail to see how that connects to dealing with Iran.

I guess the notion is that if I liked Bush then I would go along with a sociopathic foreign policy toward Iran? That sounds about right.

Also, ROG totally supports a wall along our border - I'm going to assume our border with Canada, since it isn't specified in the post. Keep out, you crazy Canucks.

Anyway, Right On hasn't written anything since April 18, so I hope this isn't another long hiatus. I know how time can slip away between posts. Consider this post me reaching across the aisle, asking for a unique perspective to help counteract the commie-pinko-subversive-hippie-fact-based-lefty propaganda of the videogame industry.

Viva Revolucion, comrades.

Right on.


Patrick Dugan said...

Maybe he's pulling a Stephen Colbert and hyperbolizing what might be assumed as a conservative viewpoint; Colbert actually did this in an interview with a high-ranking neo-con, that is, claimed we should nuke Iran.

Have you seen any Persian porn? Those are some hot women. I'm in favor of having swinging CIA ops infiltrate problematic nations and subversively catalyze a sexual revolution.

Johnny Pi said...

Trying to discover what's political humor and what's serious these days is made supremely difficult by the neocons and their batshit insane stances. It's so bad that the Tom Delay defense website put up a clip of Stephen Colbert, unable to GET THE JOKE. *Sigh*

I'd like to see a real sexual revolution, the kind of which you speak. An overthrow of sexual mores which snags the political/social authority in its wake and crumbles the entire edifice. Messy but fun.

And unlikely to ever be seen, given the human penchant to turn every damn revolution into something ugly and violent.

Plus, the CIA would probably introduce Grand Theft Auto to the region, which would make it all, y'know, violent. Imagine!

Duncan said...

Go ahead, build a wall! At least it would keep out all the dumb Americans who think we have snow all the time and live in igloos. You can keep you foreign policy to yourself. And you stupid WMDs! :-P

Troy Goodfellow said...

I'm on the side that argues that this is a parody site.

Thomas said...

Ha! When the revolution comes and all us filthy pinko liberals are first against the wall, we'll see what was a parody and what wasn't!