Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Forget Facts, Let's Make Some Laws

Quick word on the street
concerning videogame legislation.

Game politics has a nice Google map that tracks different legislation or political posturing concerning videogames. They show current legislation under consideration, laws already in effect, bills defeated, court challenges and political promises. Very thorough, and helps to conceptualize the battleground.

The second item is the Children and Medical Research Advancement Act or CAMRA (which has to be the most inexact name for a bill ever).

The pushers of this bill are the usual moral fascists: Senator Lieberman introduced it, Senators Clinton, Brownback, Durbin, Bayh and Santorum cosponsored. They say it's to find out what effect media-saturation has on children's health, but we can be reasonably assured that none of them own a PSP.

And please, let us all remember that Lieberman helped create the PMRC circus that put pressure on music to be bland and inoffensive.

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