Sunday, March 19, 2006

Bite My Shiny Metal . . .


Apparently, Billy West, voice of Fry (and Zoidberg! and a bunch of others) on Futurama has said in his forum that they are making 26 new episodes for TV and a currently hammering out the details.

26 new episodes. Of Futurama.

I am ecstatic.


I am not ecstatic.

Thanks (I think) to ArC, who sent me a link that I can only refer to as That Which Crushes Dreams. There are no new Futurama episodes. Maybe there's a DVD project.

In a world where Drawn Together somehow got past its third episode and where Family Guy was resurrected from its rightful trash heap (and they gave the creator another crappy cartoon with which to rip off the Simpsons) . . . no new Futurama just seems like a cruel joke from a deity with a terrible sense of humor.


ArC said...


ArC said...

I see you hate Family Guy and love Futurama. Clearly, you are a man of excellent taste.