Monday, September 12, 2005

Simply Unamazing

Yeah, Dungeon Siege 2
is an okay game.

I liked it better when it was called "Diablo and Neverwinter Nights have sex and produce a sub-par child."

When I want a clickfest, it does the job. There's still, in this iteration, no real investment in your character other than pure spreadsheet stats. Beefy.

I guess if I want to really hate a game, it must at least infuriate me with its horrendousness.

If you underwhelm me
, yeah, I'll play your stupid game, but it's not going to get talked about.

Which makes me wonder how much the ol' "No such thing as bad publicity" saw applies to videogames.

Anybody heard a friend talking about a stinker of a game and just had to give it a try, against all recommendations?

What about actually buying such a game?

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c.robinson said...

me and my roommate are playing through neverwinter nights and its expansions in our free time these days, rather than doing our homework..

so, i buy a copy of neverwinter nights' second expansion "tides of the underdark" from best buy a few days ago and the security guy at the exit, the only dude that wears the yellow shirt, aparently goes to my school and strikes up a conversation with me about my purchase. he tells me NVN is old and i should have bought dungeon seige 2 instead.

so i have to try it now.

level 7 fighters melt faces in LAN.