Monday, July 11, 2005

It Truly IS Hammer Time

Thinking is hard
. My brain hurts.

Been obsessed with stupid Hammer editor. Have been involved in the crazy world of func_physboxes and brushwork.

Today I spent about seven hours working with func_tracktrain. It makes a train. Simple, right?

Seven fucking hours. But I did it. I made a train that can be called and sent using buttons. Or controlled while on the train itself.

And the thing that really had me stumped for awhile - making an alternate path that could be switched on and off.

Throw the switch. Watch the track section move into place. See the text inform you of which path is active. Now turn the train loose and watch it follow whichever path is active.

Truly astounding.

If anybody's curious, I could write up my notes, possibly make them resemble a tutorial, though I couldn't guarantee utility.

Anyway, that's where I been and what I been doing.

Also playing Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War. Will probably have comments concerning it forthcoming.

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Hieronymus @ The Game Chair said...

Yes, notes would be a good thing! The more information the better, I always say.