Monday, May 16, 2005

Psych Evaluation

Been playing
Psychonauts recently.

Overall, I find it has been an enjoyable experience. The humor isn't so much 'joke-then-punchline' format as it is 'quirky' - which, depending on your demeanor, can be titter-inducing or nauseating.

It has been doing quite well critically. That doesn't mean it's perfect, or that there aren't people unhappy with the game.

My biggest problem thus far has been one of control, which I suppose is my own damn fault, considering I've been using a mouse-keyboard configuration on a game that continually screams at me to buy a gamepad. Also, the targeting system for the main ranged attack power (a sort of psychic blast) is absolutely atrocious - which again, could be the result of my controller choices.

The art design is beautiful. The scenes are colorful and cartoony, the characters amusing and the levels inventive.

I'm not going to try and claim that they drastically alter the platforming genre.

But the game is fairly solid and clever.

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