Saturday, May 07, 2005

Let the Minions Expand Your Brand

As totally freaking
excited as I am that GTA: San Andreas is coming to the PC, making that sublime gaming experience prettier via anti-aliasing and farther draw distances, I am also quite disappointed that Rockstar is planning absolutely no new content.

Which just seems silly, since there are quite a few areas that could stand to be fleshed out.

For one, the gang warfare should extend all over the map. There should be more obvious types in certain areas, i.e., biker gangs in the country, hippy gangs in San Fierro and Mafia goons having a heavy presence in Las Venturas.

And speaking of Las Venturas, that area was grossly under-used. The casinos that you could enter all featured the same games. There was nothing to distinguish them.

I was really hoping for a sort of penultimate mission sequence, like Vice City's grand heist.

San Fierro starts an intriguing storyline with Kendl urging CJ to go into real estate. But this ends up going nowhere.

Basically, the game should be tightened.

The hope, of course, is that the mod community will take up their tools and breathe new life into the familiar storyline. While this would make me ecstatic, judging by the finished number of mods to Vice City, I won't hold my breath.

I understand the desire to bring a product to every conceivable platform. It's called 'covering your bases'. The problem I have is that it is nice to play to the strengths of each system. At the very least offering downloadable content on Xbox live, or the ability to do some cooperative rampages with someone halfway around the world.

The whole enterprise, for me, equates to a band I really like putting out a really great new version of an older, lower-fidelity song. Great, cool, I'd probably enjoy hearing it with improved quality, but it's not something I could justify purchasing. If it were re-tooled or extended or otherwise made into something similar yet different, then spending becomes a maybe.

I just hate thinking of possibilities and then finding out that instead of a whole new addition to my house I'm only getting a fresh coat of paint.

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