Friday, May 13, 2005

Come Get Some

I got an awesome
link the other day concerning my 3d Realms comments, which turned out be an excellent essay that could be dubbed, simply, "Why 3d Realms Sucks: The Definitive Answer".

The link had a side benefit of reminding me exactly how ridiculous and mediocre Duke Nukem 3d really, really (no, really) was, as well as pissing me off all over again for those Army of Darkness line ripoffs.

But anyway, the commenter, squaracter, apparently has a great livejournal that manages to inform, entertain and add to the game world's much needed cynicism (which helps to balance out hype in the fascinating collective psychic egosystem [sic]).

1 comment:

andrewstern said...

egosystem, that's good, I like that