Saturday, February 19, 2005

Treading Blogger

The title of
today's post is what I call it when I end up posting without any sort of idea or direction, only a notion to get some words added to this internet thing.

So here, some lists, in High-Fidelity fashion:

My Top Five overhead/isometric RPGs
5. Dragon Warrior IV
4. Final Fantasy VII
3. Fallout 2
2. Baldur's Gate
1. Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura

Top Five names I went by in Civilization
5. Johnin of the Russians
4. Johnexander the Great of the Greeks
3. Johntezuma of the Aztecs
2. Johnses II of the Egyptians
1. Mahatma Johndi of the Indians

My Five Favorite Starcraft units
5. Medics ("Ready for your sponge bath?")
4. Dark Templars ("For Aiur.")
3. Zerglings (they're so cute!)
2. Ghosts (and their cheap-ass nuke strikes)
1. Carriers (my path to victory . . . unless someone builds a ton of Scourges)

As Penny Arcade mentioned, it looks like Troika is defunct. I'm not certain if this is a shame or not. Arcanum, if nobody's realized it now, is such a stunningly compelling game for me that I have to install it every time I come across my old and worn copy and pursue new courses that only cement it into my brain as an experience.

Then they did Temple of Elemental Evil, and that seemed to appeal to such a narrow band of nostalgic gamers (no, I'd never heard of the original DnD module) that I couldn't muster any sort of interest in it. The fact that lots of bugs were reported only further convinced me not to bother.

I heard about Vampire: Bloodlines. I got a copy for my birthday. At first it wowed my socks off, despite the opening cinema that made me wonder if perhaps my video card had broken (were the animators on uppers the day it was created?). After getting into the game I realized I was playing a beta. Much more polish was required.

When Half-Life 2 came out I had trouble believing the two games were made with the same engine.

I never did finish Vampire. Maybe someday.

So, Troika, I bid thee farewell.

Maybe this means I can snatch up the Arcanum license. I want the new subtitle to be Phantastick Technologickal and Mystickal Marvels to Astound and Delight Both Young & Old.

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