Monday, February 07, 2005

It Game (sic) From the Future!!

Developer Quantum Sutra to release new game 'Sum Total'

Januarch 47th, 2025
California, Eastern nanocult district

In an unassuming, self-assembling dome just on the outskirts of the Silicon Megacommunity, independent game studio Quantum Sutra is preparing to make their newest release available to the public tomorrow afternoon.

The new game, Sum Total, uses newly-developed quantum computing worm-tunneling paradox-generation to create a simulation of the position of every single particle in the entire universe (approximately 10 to the 87th power). Players are asked to manipulate laws of physics, introduce new particles, create novel energies and generally use their imaginations to play god.

Scientists warn that this game could have a profound effect, not just on our own universe, but on the infinite number of similar universes folded into the infinite space-time array. They also point out the danger inherent in allowing the simulation to simulate itself, leading to an infinite progression of simulations that would echo across every dimension.

Lead designer Dasil Gevurah denies any problems with releasing the game. "We've had an extensive string of beta tests, and have yet to come even close to collapsing the Universal waveform. There have been minor incidents involving warping of spacetime, destruction of pocket universes and dimensional bleedthrough, but we feel these are minor bugs that will work themselves out. Indeed, by accelerating time-progression in the game, we have received confirmation that in certain universes the bugs were either worked out, or not worked out, or they systematically destroyed every particle, or they spawned hideous horrors that sought humanity's destruction, or . . . well, I'm rambling."

"Everything's got a few kinks."

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