Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Three Men in Black Said "Don't Report This!"

Story Synopsis for an Action-RPG based upon the songs of
Blue Oyster Cult

In 1971, a dimensional rift to a microuniverse opened in a storage closet in back of a studio where a band that would forever change music prepared their debut album.

That band was Blue Oyster Cult, and the force of their music resonated against the fledgling universe, the frantic vibrations giving form to the swirling void, bringing to life the myriad forces and powers of which their songs gave praise.

In 1976, producer Sandy Pearlman discovered the growing universe and began to explore its confines and initiate contact with its inhabitants. He found them to be of remarkably advanced intelligence. It was one of their scientists, for example, who worked with Pearlman to develop the new laser light shows.

However, something dark lurked at the fringes of the universe. Something sinister that began to worm its way through the inhabitants. It began to erode the powers of its universe's creators by wearing away at the threads binding them together, and eventually the band was driven their separate ways, with few original members left to continue BOC's work.

The time is now. Sandy Pearlman has discovered a disturbing fact: The microuniverse is under the grip of some mysterious tyrant who has designs on our world. Pearlman learns that the only way to stop the invasion is for the original band to record a song specifically written to seal the rift.

The tyrant also knows this.

Before Pearlman can warn Eric Bloom (vocals, guitar), Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser (lead guitar, vocals), Allen Lanier (keyboards, guitar, vocals), Albert Bouchard (drums, vocals) and Joe Bouchard (bass, vocals) , they are kidnapped by Hungry Boys sent from Celestial the Queen's new residence (Baron Von Frankenstein's Castle at Weisseria).

You play as the president of the BOC International Fan Club. Sandy Pearlman arrives on your doorstep one rainy night with an offer.

You are to become an Agent of Fortune. Your mission is to enter the microuniverse, collect the BOC and their instruments, recruit Dr. Music to write the Sealing Song and have the band close the rift.

"In the promise of another world
A dreadful knowledge comes
How even space can modulate
And earthly things be done . . ."
-In the Presence of Another World

Wield the Black Blade - forged a billion years ago - whose power grows with each kill. But get rid of it before it calls the Lords of Chaos and Beasts of Hades.

Meet the Veterans of the Psychic Wars, who will beg you to kill them one minute and lash out at you with awesome psychophysical powers the next. Defeat them with help from the Flaming Telepaths. Or vice versa; Just don't get caught in the crossfire.

Attack the 7 Screaming Diz-Busters and return with their eyeballs to the Harvester of Eyes, who grants you access to the Workshop of the Telescopes - from there you may discover the secret of Astronomy.

Learn the Unknown Tongue from the Fallen Angel. Ride the Divine Wind and the Hot Rails to Hell in order to reach the Stairway to the Stars. Diagnose what is making The Great Sun Jester so Moon Crazy - and find the Madness to the Method.

Join the search for Celine, but beware: "Love is like a gun, and in the hands of someone like you I think it'd kill."

Solve the mystery of Morning Final and the motiveless murder.

Team up with Baby Ice Dog and Teen Archer. Help Sir Rastus Bear be Redeemed.

Become a Tattoo Vampire, a Sole Survivor or a Stone of Love. Wield the twin magics of Dominance and Submission. Strike out with the Fire of Unknown Origin. Earn X-Ray Eyes. Collect Heavy Metal: The Black and Silver, fallen matter out of the sun, and use its anti-matter resonance to create blasts of music that reshape the world. Leave Cities On Flame with rock n' roll.

Discover who is behind the taint upon the new universe. Is it Transmaniacon MC? Or Vera Gemini back for Revenge? Maybe some grand E.T.I. (Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence)? Perhaps the Dragon Lady and Shadow Warrior?

It's possible that Les Invisibles pull the strings - or maybe they'll come to your aid.

Will you be ready When the War Comes, when The Old Gods Return?

Can you gather together BOC and seal the growing rift?

Only one piece of advice do I have to give: (Don't Fear) The Reaper.

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