Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Jamlab Update

I was excited
to see that M-Audio released Jamlab beta drivers for Vista.

The install seemed to go off without a hitch. Now I've got the little icon down in my system tray.

Then I tried installing GTPlayer Express. No Asio driver detected - GTPlayer wouldn't even attempt insallation.

I installed Asio4All and restarted. Tried GTPlayer again. No luck.

I have no idea what other program to even attempt with Jamlab and I have no confidence whatsoever that any other program would work. Not to mention that I'd be without a simple amp/effect interface which was the whole reason I bought the damn thing. To jam.

I have no desire to spend several hundred dollars on a hardware/software interface for my computer because I just want to bust out some power chords and maybe play along with MP3s.

Shit like this makes my Mac-lust flare up, visions of Garageband flying through my daydreams.

Of course, that conflicts with the whole not spending money thing.

1 comment:

Thomas said...

Use Krystal -

Import your mp3 as a track.

Then set your Jamlab up as one of the Krystal Live-in channels, and add a distortion plugin.

I think that will do it.

I've heard good things about GT Player, but honestly I never got it working in the first place, much less on Vista.