Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Not Enough, But Almost

I really wish
that Apple would make more of their software compatible with PCs.

I want this. I need this. I can't find its PC equivalent.

I seriously considered a Mac this time around. But gaming, for god's sake. I can't load dual GeForce 8800s into a Mac. Not yet, at least.

Maybe a cheap iMac for Christmas. Just something for wordbashing.

If anyone's curious, I use yWriter2 right now. It's a great program, very simple and fast. Keeps me organized. But it has serious limits. One window open for editing at a time.

I recommend it, though. It's free. I can't justify taking a chance on one of the more expensive programs. Maybe screenwriting software, since the formatting is a standard thing, but for novel writing I want lots of organization and visualization tools.

Anyone have any recommendations?

Please don't say, "Buy a Mac."

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Anonymous said...

Have you tried Celtx yet? I'm using it for a screenplay at the moment and it seems pretty adaptable to a wide variety of writing project. It's free and based on Firefox code (link).