Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Minor Observation

There is a great tendency
on game forums for people of a certain disposition to pretend that there is nothing wrong with the game, at all.

I'm going to give an example. Suppose a new MMO is launching in a few months. The forums are buzzing. One of the posts goes like this:

"Hi, I can't seem to find some of these quest targets. The directions are so vague."

I would estimate a 98% chance of receiving, within four posts, a response something like this:

"Well, you need to pay attention to the map and really read the quest text and then just explore a bit. I think it's better that way and you really need to just look around and pay attention more and I'm glad they didn't dumb it down."

Now, these responses aren't the "L2P, noob" type. They are always polite, but there is the complete rejection of the initial poster's complaint. A difficulty is identified, then someone comes along and claims that everything is absolutely hunky-dory.

The real trick to identifying these people is to look for posts with similar complaints. Then look for replies from that same poster not even making an attempt to acknowledge that some people might be having trouble. Nope, not even a little. There may be fifteen posts filled with people searching vainly for quest targets, but somehow this indicates only a deficiency in those players.

It's not fanboyism (though definitely a subset of it). It mainly seems to be a Pollyanna view of the game coupled with an elitist view toward anyone unable to appreciate its brilliance - "It's not the game, it's You. Play harder."

I'm trying to think of a word for this . . . any suggestions?

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