Friday, October 13, 2006

Le Sigh

read a story about a group of Gitmo guards allegedly bragging in a club about beating detainees.

Then, if you dare, go to the forums. Read a few threads until you start to feel ill.

That's why I avoid military/prior service forums and functions.

If I wanted inane conservative talking points, media-bashing, woman-bashing, bigotry, violent fantasies and piss-poor excuses for unprofessional behavior, I'd visit Little Green Footballs.


Patrick Dugan said...

If military folk have a flame war on a forum, does that mean the loser has to die?

Thomas said...


But are those tendencies institutional--that is, are they encouraged by the military? And are they unavoidable? Clearly, some people do leave the armed services without becoming misogynistic bigots. But it also seems like there's been a fair amount of misconduct in the Iraq war, even assuming that there are always atrocities in war, and I'd like to know if those attitudes are the reason why.