Monday, October 23, 2006

Game the System

If you've ever wanted to set up a dream team of congresscritters, look no further than Fantasy Congress.

I'm in the WesternDemocrats League, with a team called The Extended Middle. It's meant to evoke images of flipping the bird. I really am that juvenile.

The great thing about drafting up a team is that you earn points based upon actual bills and whether any members of your team participate in different parts of the legislative process. How cool is that?

In this post I asked whether a game could lead to political action. I would consider Fantasy Congress a step in that direction. I think a small amount of competition could make politics more interesting and accessible.

I'd like to see stat pages with lists of donors, especially the corporate sponsors, so I could see at a glance who owns which congressperson. And extra points should be given for number of earmarks.

Hell, I can't see any reason why we shouldn't have some fun with this broken fucking system before it self-destructs.

Oh, and for a rollicking fun time take a look at the list of 2005's Top 100 Contractors and tell me how many are producing things for the "Defense" Industry. Or "Health Care."

Then try and figure out how much your Reps and Senators raked in from those big names.

What a racket.

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